SWAG Girls Styles

I got SWAG is todays motto of the new age teens, it’s their blue jeans of the communism, it’s their long beard and hippie conduct of the 70s. As we all know teenagers feel the need to express themselves, to revolt against the society, feel like adult etc. Every generation has its own way of expressing it. Today with the extremely mobile friendly, high internet speeds and web 2.0 technologies that aid in our social live, teenagers feel the need that SWAG is needed. Starting from YOLO, abbreviation of “You Only Live Once”, or simply the Carpe Diem of the older times, teens feel the need to explore and expand their possibilities, which brings us to the point of this website. This is a collection of these Swag Quotes. Whilst it’s a great and cool way to attract people on everything that they desire, it’s also a way to make the older generations understand their needs and wants of this age.