It is now possible to test your tattoo before starting the implementation of the "real" end product!

Finished tattooing "double or quits".

If this is your first indelible mark and you hesitate, if you are still wondering about the aesthetics of tattoo you want to affix, or if you doubt its location on your body ... the solution is now available .

test your tattoo before starting picture

The website Momentary Ink, based in the United States in Philadelphia, offers to personalize your experience temporary tattoo. A command that you can do online from A to Z by offering downloaded images, indicating the action of the desired design, its most likely location on your body ...
But there is even better: an alternative. You can chat online with one of 12 tattoo artists of the company. You describe (in English eh) in clear text and precise tattoo of desire. The professional specialized in the design style you want to send you a kind of personalized quotation. You decide together to make changes or not, to the design and receiving a temporary tattoo which you will be 100% satisfied. Its lifespan is estimated between 3 and 10 days depending on the location of the tattoo.

picture of test your tattoo before starting

The founder of Momentary Ink, Jordan Denny, is adamant about his business. For him, the services it offers with his team will revolutionize the approach to the world of tattoos: "People are not interested in the impersonal temporary tattoos. They prefer to invest in a drawing 100% in their image, will require thought and imagination. Our goal is to make it easy for each customer viewing his product. "
In the end, it will cost you an average of 10-30 euros to model your future epidermal work! Everything depends on the measurements of the beast. And no huh lizard, the results are at the rendezvous: temporary but "square".

Some examples have been posted on social networks under the hashtag #momentaryink like Instagram snapshot below:

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