The 15 names of the guys that make women crazy

The 15 names of the guys that make women crazy ... and what their names mean in terms of their sexual and emotional life.


Some do not look like that, and proved extraordinary lovers once under the duvet ... Others, however, are the tough guys while they are actually full of sweetness and tenderness bed ! Anyway, it takes something for everyone.

You have asked us, we did it: after the first names of the most attractive women, here are the names of the men who attract most women ...

Your first name says a lot about you: love, character, tastes, strengths, flaws ... See how your name sounds like you, and what it reveals your sex life!

1. Maxime

Maxime is a man who knows what he wants. When he wants, he ardently and passionately ... even a little too impatient from time to time! Usually quite sporty, Maxime Please enormously to women ... but her love and transcendence may also push to perceive sex as a performance or competition, which is perhaps one of its few shortcomings at this level.

Maxime is not always easy to follow: it can be explosive for one week, then quiet for a month. It was a very physical and even gruff side that appeals to many women ... so far, others find it too sudden, not quite tricky. That said, do not believe Maxime lack of sensitivity, quite the contrary: it is his way, passionate and unqualified love!

2. Clement

Clement loves all the simple pleasures of life, and sex is obviously part ... it is sensual through and through, both figuratively than literally. For him, the physical pleasure is something natural and innate. Unless you have been conditioned by a particularly strict upbringing, he suffers neither of inhibitions or taboos. And in general, the ladies will remember for a long time shared moments in the privacy of his bed ...

While Clement is a great lover, thanks largely to the same way he perceives his relationship with women: for him, give is as important as receiving, and it does not include those who do not have this mentality! More Clement gives pleasure, the more he has. By cons, in a lasting relationship, Clement may seem modest and reserved. Indeed, he does not like the confidences and sweet words, and sometimes it is stingy with compliments. Romantic frills really are not his forte ... In his meetings, he prefers to go to the essentials, as if afraid to miss. Yet he did not look forward and takes the time to go after things. Although he sometimes lacks attention is probably her most fervent follower of love in slow motion.

3. Nicolas

One could say that the sex Nicolas is in his head. Indeed, it tends to reduce everything to the game, in the image and experimentation. Sexual pleasure is meaningful to him that if he can have fun! It is air, and intellectual needs unleash his imagination. In his sexual encounters, which mainly account for him, it is the subtle foreplay, the antics that take the form of a game. Its exotic side, nevertheless tinged his class a little saucy side often fascinates women.

Nicolas is a large consumer of news and wants to try, but is quick to abandon what does not please him. As it is endowed with a vivid imagination, he is never short variations and innovations ... Couples if her partner has no such inclination towards permanent experimentation, she reproach him probably want some too much.
Nicolas is the king of foreplay, and he is never in a hurry to get down to business. He likes to stroll, wander, to watch and observe his partner. Unlike many other people, essentially it is not the end but the means, which gives it a little refined and subtle side in bed ... And all those that have had the chance to share one of his nights not rave about it!

4. Sebastian

If there were a perfect match, no doubt he would be close to Sebastian. This one is full of tenderness, affection, romance, and also know-how. He is generous in its reports, and bestows - with sincerity, innocence and passion. The only thing one could reproach him is his inconstancy in love, because it is famous among women, and they do not resist him and quickly attach to him.

As there is always something in him childish, he wants his partners are soft, enveloping, reassuring, almost maternal. Besides his tastes are doing on games that involve pampering, pampered or even reprimanded. In its physical reports, Sébastien progressing slowly but surely stadium lover considerate and somewhat shy, that of virile, confident. And usually with a healthy animal that finishes what began as a fairy tale.

5. Julien

Ardent love, very attached to a certain erotic quality and aesthetics of the physical relationship, Julien gives generously without expecting anything in return. It lends itself with kindness and attention to being with whom he established a relationship, and that gentle kindness - but not without enthusiasm and passion - is one of the things that will melt the heart of many women.

Caution, however, Julien hate being disappointed. However, he also hates to hurt, placing sometimes in complicated situations! Under the duvet, Julien is more dominant, as he is also in life in general. He likes to carry the game, remain in control of things and now. But it also hosts very well the initiatives of its partners, even if he can not help but interpret them in their own way. He will never leave completely by hand and always seek to control the pace.

6. Adrien

Adrien's sexuality is almost entirely the orders of his mind. You could say he has a brain desire, as it seeks to understand the desires of its partners to control the situation, a thought that obsesses a little. Nevertheless, even if sometimes too inclined to ignore instinct and intuitive side of the thing, the passion he exudes is powerful and bewitching. Adrien is very receptive to the feelings of others, even if he does not always leave seem. The upside is that really knows understand the expectations and desires of its partners to better meet, something that many women need and secretly dream ...

Even if it is capable of vibrating women in an almost unique way, Adrien does not boast of his prowess. It is rather reserved, shy about it, and he does not like talking about his reports in general. Because of this, some women may miss out without knowing what they are missing! His modesty and his love of discretion does not always encourage easy communication. Ladies and thus you have a lot of tricks and patience to discover the fire under the ice .... But the company is worth it!

7. Thomas

Thomas did not perhaps the air, but he is very attached to the romance and tender side of love. His preference is for very feminine women, a little mysterious, a bit inaccessible, perhaps even haughty or dangerous. It is with such women he chills. However, as it is far from being exuberant and put under the spotlight, it is the mark may not be enough and many women miss him ... not knowing what he is capable.

While Thomas is outstanding seducer, it just is not compelling: he hates to appear urgent, pressing or forcing the hand. He ventured only when it feels that the circumstances really are right. This is a gentleman and tactful; He expects us to do often even him advances. However, even in the heat of the moment, the man in Libra continues to charm and seduce her partner ... and that's where its charm and talent are revealed. For delicate and discreet allusions issues, it inquired about the wishes and desires of the other. It is also not stingy with compliments, he will do until his partner, full, fell asleep in his arms.

8. Laurent

There is always at Laurent a little fatherly and protective side, sometimes even authoritarian ... And it often again in the privacy area. But when he actually has this authoritarian side, it is more like a slightly old-fashioned courtesy, that wickedness or brutality. Anyway, it is appreciated by many women who feel safe in his arms reassuring and caring!

Lawrence also has a taste for risk. The danger acts as a powerful stimulant and guide his fantasies. So it probably will like to take the risk of being surprised, for example, in romping in public places, on a deserted beach just, in a park or a fitting room ... The risk of being discovered vibrates. Laurent is full of resources and hate routine. It seeks to surprise scenarios or unusual situations and women do not usually get bored with it, on the contrary! He much prefer the role of dominant than the dominated. For women who like to be sexually subject, Laurent is the perfect lover, the ultimate in terms of sex, full of strength and passion.

9. Stéphane

Stéphane is a strong conqueror, fiery and indefatigable. His eroticism is volcanic. But despite its taste proved to carnal pleasure, there is no trace of vice in his behavior. It can even be very tender and romantic to its partners. Stéphane suffers no inhibition about sex: it is endowed (and knows it), spontaneous, and often instinctively.

He satisfies his desires as so many tributes to those who raised them. Stéphane knows how to be charming, he goes to the point and not encumbered long speeches or heavy drag. Some will love, others may find too direct, but most of the time it works fine. One can find Stéphane a somewhat bestial and wild side. He expresses his feelings without restraint and with manners of his own. He is not afraid of being judged, this mentality makes him an open and tolerant man, who fears neither the novelty or originality, as they remain positive and healthy.

10. Alexandre

Alexandre will be probably surprised to see included in this list, and for good reason: in the sexual domain as in many others, it has reserved and timid air. It is rather awkward and often lack of confidence in him ... But Alexander melts many girls because precisely this little clunky side, which gives it an undeniable charm and somewhat ingenuous!

Many girls find him irresistible effect for its simplicity, frankness, and this little timid that makes it quite lovely! Superficial girls do not care too much for him, but what he is not looking at all what kind of character anyway. But those patients will show enough to give him the opportunity to build something with them, will be rewarded the best gift! Once Alexander overcomes his shyness and its initial awkwardness, nothing will stop it. When he feels confident, he is a man of great tenderness and who is able to cause the sweetest thrill, the greatest emotions in a woman.

11. David

The behavior of David has this constant: that nothing is regular. Gifted with a vivid imagination, he has an inexhaustible repertoire of fantasies. This comes naturally to him and causes a certain fluidity in its reports. It is never short of ideas to redo the same thing in a way quite different. It is like a box of surprises and its partners will never be bored with it!

It also has a lot of intuition, which helps to perceive the feelings of others and makes him an ideal partner. We can even say that it is telepathically connected to the senses of the other and he manages to communicate without having to speak ... what makes it awfully good. This faculty has its sources in the deep respect he feels for the individuals of the fair sex: Without having to force yourself to think about it or he considers the woman as his equal and this naturally puts partners at ease.

12. Jérôme

Sexuality Jerome is extremely rich and varied. The manifestations of his desires is a symphony whose melodies follow one another, from one tempo to another, harmoniously but totally unpredictable. But Jerome does not mean a ladies' man, far from it. He likes to have a regular partner, and many other things in mind that small ideas. But regardless, this is the way to express his desire that counts, not their frequency!

And this is, really, that Jerome shows virtuoso. It is much more conscious of the pleasure of its partners that its own satisfaction. Full of tenderness and attention, he neglects no detail to make them vibrate. In a word, he thinks more to give than to receive. Jerome also has a very particular and very sensual relationship with the water. The aquatic element constitutes a privileged way to express his fantasies and desires, he can not resist.

13. Matthew

If Matthew appeals to both women, it is above all thanks to his sense of humor! In fact, he really knows relax the atmosphere, it is full of life, optimism and energy in short, he has that little spark in him that pleases instantly. Its very sociable and outgoing temperament makes it easily accessible, even if it actually hides a certain timidity ...

In bed, he is a man who knows how to be instantly accomplice. Although he likes to take things so lightly, when finally put their hands in the dough, finished joke: its partners can expect a surge of fiery passion, the waves sometimes tender, sometimes titillating, sometimes tedious by their power. Matthew has a gift to make women happy, because it does not take itself seriously and it has with them lighter reports, friendly knowing remain fully man.

14. Thibaud

Thibaud is a heart that beats on edge, sensitivity incarnate in man. Despite his soul idealistic dreamer, sometimes a bit ethereal, he knows how to keep feet on the ground. Far from expressing his weakness, softness and inner sensitivity become an inextinguishable flame and consuming passion in the true seething boiler that serves as his chest.

You will understand, Thibaud is a real passion, however, not without a certain romanticism. In love, it is extremely rare that disappoint ... unless, indeed, he felt no sense for the person who shared his bed - which would not live at all kind. However, be careful not to hurt him. Sentimental sentences are his scourge, and malicious woman who would have access to his heart could really destroy it from the inside if she wanted to. If you have the chance to share the life of a Thibaud, know that you entrusted his heart; take care of, it is a great responsibility that is given you.

15. Christophe

Christophe is above all a man, a hedonist who loves live day to day. It exudes a joie de vivre that makes it eminently likeable in the eyes of most people ... and the young ladies are not left out! Christophe loves the simple pleasures of life, one might even say he lives with love, sex and fresh water. For those who have the same vision of life, this is probably the ideal partner.

Few subjected to stress and taboos, Christophe is very intuitive for sex: when under the sheets, it is his body that speaks! This makes it a sincere lover, the gesture full of truth and without pretense. He also knows to be particularly attentive, especially at the time of preliminary and final moment of orgasm. Christophe is not a "sex god", it does not consider as such and does not even try to be ... However, most women prefer a passionate character and intuitive to the alleged exploits of many Casanova fans!

So, you find that it corresponds to reality?
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